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Mesa is Somali's #1 Website. We provide the easiest and cost-effective means for employers to find quality candidates they need to fill in the right position and for job seekers to find the best suitable jobs matching and valuing their set of knowledge, skills and attitude.

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About Mesa

We aim to empower job seekers by facilitating access to allnecessary labor market information and offer them training to upgrade theirskills and knowledge in order to become more competitive on the job market.

To enhance and develop current ongoing cooperation with employers that hire toimprove employment and to provide well prepared job applicants to employers.

Quick Career Tips

Quick Career Tips to help Candidates and employers find better.
Experience Writing For Producing a Newscast

Experience Writing For Producing a Newscast

Ravenously while stridently coughed far promiscuously below jeez much yikes bland that salamander cunningly some over abhorrent as house with..

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New York is Leading the Nation

New York is Leading the Nation

Ravenously while stridently coughed far promiscuously below jeez much yikes bland that salamander cunningly some over abhorrent as house with..

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An Overworked Newspaper Editor

An Overworked Newspaper Editor

Ravenously while stridently coughed far promiscuously below jeez much yikes bland that salamander cunningly some over abhorrent as house with..

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Success Stories

  • Abdullahi is a 16 year old IDP who hails from Goofgaduud in Baidoadistrict. He lives with his single mother and his sister. His mother is thesole breadwinner and works hard to provide for the entire family. Abdullahi wasselected as a beneficiary for the Durable Solutions for Somali RefugeeReturnees Project where he was trained on business & vocational skillcourses. Abdullahi was really happy for the training he received throughout theproject period as he currently owns a small scale business where he sellsvarieties like sugar, bread, cooking oil biscuits, and soft drinks and manymore. “I have completed both business & vocational skill training. I set upthis business based on my business proposal plan and the grant I received fromMMC/ILO. Thank God now I can fill the gap and increase our family income whereI can save $2 per day and I have comfortably improved our family basic life”.Narrates Abdullahi


    Abdullahi Aden Ali
  • Hussein graduated June 2016 as Mobile phone repairing trainee.Since then, Hussein has worked hard to look for a job and with the help of MMChe managed to get employed at Sahal Electronics. This has enabled him to keepin touch with the mobile phone repairing knowledge that he got from histraining at MMC’s Modern Industrial Training Center and earn some income sothat he can meet his basic needs. He is able to perform basic mobile phonerepairs and can make other accessories as well.

    Hussein is optimistic that with the experience he is getting everyday, he will be able to expand his knowledge & skill and save enough moneyto make an investment in the near future so as to open his own business. He wasalso grateful of the Returns project that greatly impacted on his life. “Thework and consequent finding of the skills for jobs training at MMC has helpedme to start my life on a positive note. Today I don’t need to depend on anybodyto sustain my family and the respect I get from my family, relatives &neighbors makes me very proud”.

    Hussein Ali Elmi
  • Ifrah Adan is the breadwinner of her 7 member family.  Sheestablished a small business selling shoes, different clothing materials, whichis enough to pay her rent and the school fees of her children. When she arrivedin Baidoa from Hagardheer camp- Kenya as a returnee, she had no relatives tohelp her and no income to start a new life in her old home country.

    Ifrah, 26, was selected as a beneficiary for the Durable Solutionsfor Somali Refugee Returnees Project in Baidoa where she was trained onbusiness & vocational skill training. She was one of the grant winners andreceived some start-up capital for her business.

    Many customers would line up to buy shoes, different clothing’s inplastic bags during the eve of Idul-fitri celebrations when MMC Project Managervisited Ifrah’s small business.

    “The sales I generate from this business are enough for us tomanage our daily lives. I have no other source of income apart from mybusiness,” Ifrah said. “It is always better to work and do something instead ofsitting idle at home and waiting for someone else to help you.”


    Ifra Aden Ibrahim
  • Mohamed is a beneficiary of the Durable Solutions for SomaliRefugee Returnee Project. He graduated in June 2016 with a certificate inElectrical Installation.  Immediately after his graduation, Mohammedconcentrated all his efforts on looking for a job opportunity, with the help ofMMC; Baidoa Electric Company took him as an apprentice for a start-up and gainexperience on his skills.

    Determined to overcome the challenges of life and to pull hisfamily out of abject poverty, Mohamed wanted to shoulder the responsibility ofsupporting his family through this attachment as apprentice in order to furtherhis skills development. “I’ve been given a great opportunity to practice myskills and qualification and  I like that I am out on site or field and Ithink my apprenticeship is a great way to get into my profession and earn whileI learn.

    Mohamed Hussein Adullahi
  • Nur Issack, a 32 year old returnee from IFO camp, Kenya and aproud father of two narrates that life has presented him with challenges as areturnee particularly in dealing with social interactions and his ability toget employment. But Nur was determined to overcome his barriers in order toearn his own paycheck and live an independent life. In February 2016, Nur waslucky to be one of the beneficiaries selected for the Durable Solution forSomali Refugee Returnees Project. Thanks to this project, Nur received both vocationaland entrepreneurship skill training where he committed himself and trainedintensively to improve his life and have a better future. After successfulcompletion of training and receiving grant he   currently owns agarment-making shop, where he designs and makes all fashion clothes likeshirts, trousers, blouses, T-shirts etc.

    The smile you see when you meet Nur gives you confidence that heis progressing. Nur enjoys his work as becomes obvious by the gestures he showswhen talking about his work. He has been moving on well despite the businesschallenges which are a common phenomenon since the economy is unpredictable,and the prices of the materials and items he needs differ from time to time.


    Nur Isaack Ibrahim

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